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Blast That Butt!

Nowadays, Butt exercises are really popular especially among women. It adds up an essential curve to make a really good perfectly shaped body like your favorite sexy celebrities. But doing those very exhausting and time consuming butt exercises at the gym is pretty much a disadvantage in our busy life. Thankfully, the best butt blaster arrived.

The Blaster Machine MDC-0001 or best known as the ‘Booty Blaster’ is a great machine created to achieve better or even best results for your ravishing glutes so, you won’t need to envy those curvy bodies of your friends on social media sites.

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Designed at its finest!

The booty blaster is made with meticulous design in order to get the perfect result. We all know that in everything we use, comfortability is one of the crucial factors, and this product is worthy of applause because of the considerate placement of knee, arm, chest, and elbow pads as it provides maximum comfortability for the user.

The precise design of the very machine is carefully engineered to enhance its performance that will give the user a very good outcome. This is developed to facilitate and train your gluteus maximus muscle that is a major element for the formation of posterior muscle chain. It is also adjustable so anyone can use it.

Safety is also well contemplated on this machine. It is made from high quality materials so it won’t easily break-apart while using. It is ergonomically designed to drive your worries out. Also, this machine can fit almost anywhere with dimensions of 72” x 47″ x 63″ / 183 cm x 119 cm x 160 cm, you can put it in your mini gym or even at the garage and you’re all good.


The booty blaster offers many advantages. It is not time consuming and you don’t need to go gym so, it is friendly for users with busy life. Also, you won’t need to do a variety of butt exercises, just use the booty blaster for several minutes in a day and you will achieve the result very close to what the results if it’s done with those very exhausting and time consuming exercises. It fits anywhere, comfortable, and safe.

Achieving an aesthetically gorgeous booty can’t be as easy as ever, not until the booty blaster step-up and took the stage. With this our prayers are answered. We can now have those beautiful glutes with easiness even in the midst of our busyness.


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