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Organizations Who Provide The Audio Description Services

Audio description services are an audio track used in videos especially for the blind or for the low sighted viewers. This track explains what’s happening on the screen and thus a blind person can also enjoy the movie. All the movements, body language, emotions of the characters are explained. It’s just like the movie in which the closed captions are added, but the difference is that in closed captions the information is written while in audio description the voice narrates all the events. It’s totally on separate track and the viewers can turn it on or off depending upon the need. A lot more services are offered for the blind by different organizations which could help the visually impaired.

Canada serving the blind population

Vicap offers great descriptive video services. Sassonique productions bring many audio description services in French and also English. The Media Concierge grants subtitling services, closed captioning and audio services. Indelible Creative Services describes videos for TV, film, voice-overs, narration and post production services. Described Video Canada in Hamilton has a great work in the world of audio description.

Audio description services presented by UK

Visual impairment and description services by Vocal Eyes in London provide access to the arts for blind people through audio description. Sensor Media is fully providing the audio description services for TV, DVD, film and theatre. Royal National Institute of Blind People abbreviated as RNIB in London proffer whole shebang of audio description services. Access London Theatre centralized every audio described London theatrical performances.

Germany in the world of audio description

According to German Federation of Blind and Visually Impaired People the number of blind and partially sighted people in Germany is more than 600,000. It’s a very large amount, but there are also organizations present in Germany that are purely serving those people. Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich works for audio description for TV, movies and DVD’s. Mixwerk in Berlin presents audio description for corporate movies, e-learning and dubbing in more than 20 languages.

Quick analysis of other organizations

Every country tries to support its community in better way. In Sweden, Syntolkning Nu, provides with audio description services. Rufilms in Moscow, Russia gives audio description for theatres, movies, TV and DVD. Audioscenic in Brussels, Belgium also perform great work. Media Access Australia in Sydney also provides audio description services to serve the low sighted community.


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