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Professional Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection – What Does It Actually Cover?

Buying a new house or a building itself is a huge investment that most people desire to see an eventual return on. If the building has been infested with termites, nevertheless, repair costs can far outweigh any potential gains that are considering in the particular property value. That is why it is imperative to inspect before you buy. This is a very simple process which provides buyers with the relevant details they require to make certain a viable purchase is made while also potentially giving them control to have any repairs done before the sale’s closure in case the damage has been detected. The pre-purchase termite inspect may vary in their scope; however, professional services will go above and beyond to provide their clients with an in-depth analysis of the property that is in question.

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Thorough termite inspections will comprise both visual, as well as, thermal inspections of the property. These two techniques are combined not only to detect the current infestation but also to find pieces of evidences to past issues that may have occurred on the property. Thermal imaging is highly recommended as this happens to be an advanced technology that allows inspectors to easily detect the hidden pest issues, allowing them for more accurate and clear-cut identification of deep-rooted infestations. The FLIR Thermal  Imaging technology allows the inspectors to more effectively detect the hidden pest issues and also uncover active termite nests that perhaps be concealed or hidden deep inside the building’s walls, sub-flooring or roofing system. This process is non-invasive and completely hassle-free, which means no damage will be done to your property during the inspection phase.

A complete inspection includes, but not limited to:

  • Sub-flooring areas
  • Timber used in windows and frames
  • External timber fittings
  • Timber that is used in retaining the walls
  • Any outbuildings or patios
  • Timber applied within the root frame
  • Timber used in the roof frame

Property or house buyers need to be mindful of the fact that wood is being used in all types of buildings. this means even brick and masonry homes and buildings may serve as breeding grounds for termites and other pests and may suffer huge damage from their presence.

If pre-purchase inspection does not indicate any evidence of past or current infestation, buyers gain great peace of mind. Termite damage can prove to be a costly expense. Knowing that there is merely no cause for concern turns out to be a big relief for the buyers.


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