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Some Surprising Benefits Of Contraceptive Pills You Never Knew Would Exist!

Obviously, the most common benefit of the contraceptive pills is to keep the women safe from unwanted pregnancies while enjoying the sex life. But it is not the only thing these pills are used for. You cannot even imagine what the contraceptive pills can do.


Besides being one of the popular birth control methods out there, contraceptive pills are being used for a number of other uses. Ranging from improving the PMS symptoms to lessening the period headaches, from preventing the cancers to regulating your hormones, there is a lot more what a contraceptive pill can do.

Here are some of the surprising benefits of birth control pills that you never knew about.

5 Surprising Benefits of Contraceptives:

After reading these 5 surprising benefits of contraceptives, you might feel like giving a slow clap for those tiny warriors for your health.

#1: Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk:

Contraceptive pills have shown to lower the risk of ovarian cancer for women to about 40 percent as compared to the women who are not taking one. As a matter of fact, by radically reducing the number of times you are ovulating, you are targeting the reactions that are causing the carcinoma formation in your ovaries. However, the contraceptive pills work on hormonal suppression mechanism that lowers that carcinoma formation in the ovaries, thus keeping you safe from the risk of such cancers.

#2: Lower Risk of Anemia:

According to the survey conducted, it has been suggested that almost 9 out of 10 women are anemic, due to the lower HB or iron levels in their body caused by the menstrual cycle. Contraceptives lower the risk of anemia by lowering the flow of blood over a period. This is better for preserving a higher red blood cell count and preventing anemia.

#3: Treatment For Acne:

Well, for me, this is one of the most surprising uses of contraceptive because when struggling with acne, you are willing to do anything to treat them. As a matter of fact, the hormonal acne is caused by the hormonal imbalance which can be regulated by the hormonal birth control pills. A number of studies have shown that the effects, however, are concentrated on very specific kinds of pills, mostly those containing cyproterone acetate.

#4: It can Prevent Female Pattern Baldness:

If female pattern baldness is in your genes, you might be worried about how to avoid it. Your bathroom vanity has your answer. Birth control pills can help with hair loss. They reduce the levels of androgens, which are male hormones present in women and are related to hair loss.

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