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The History of Vending Machines

Vending machines, or a device that can sell anything without human intervention, is becoming rampant in almost all major cities in the world. Little did you know that it also has a rich history. The first recorded vending machine is invented by the Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria who made a device that can dispense holy water. There are also machines that can dispense tobacco. The first newspaper dispensing machine was also made by the English publisher Richard Carlile in 1822.

However, it was in 1867 that the first fully automated vending machine that sells stamps came into existence.

Vending Machines that accepts coins

It was in 1883 when Percival Everitt invented a vending machine that can sell envelopes, postcards and notepapers by means of dropping some coins.

Vending machines originated from the United states in 1888 when the Thomas Adams Gum Company installed Tutti-Fruiti gum vending machine in elevated subway platforms in New York City. It was in 1907 when gumballs sold in vending machines were introduced.

Vending Machines that sells drinks

Beverage vending machines exists as early as 1890. It was in Paris, France and can sell beer, wine and liquor. The first automatic vending machines that can serve sodas in cups existed in 1920s. Today, drinks are one of the most popular items that are offered in vending machines.

Today’s Vending Machines

While the common stuff being sold on vending machines are food, drinks and cigarettes, there are now other vending machines that can sell a variety of items, and they are now fast becoming popular especially on ports like airports, seaports, bus terminals and train platforms.

Today’s vending machines can now accept credit cards. Some can even now accept mobile payments via Google Pay or Apple Pay. There are now vending machines that sells Wi-Fi usage time, mobile top up (eLoad), lottery tickets, books, hot or fresh foods, condoms, medicines, even cars.

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